Welcome! This is the official website of Sir John Gells Regiment of Foote within the Sealed Knot Society. We re-enact English Civil War battles all over the country throughout the year. As a family based regiment with no age limits, we have members who come from all parts of the country and all walks of life.

This is an amazing hobby. It educates on a war that divided our nation, there are authentic living history sites at most events and after the battle there is also a vibrant social life with live bands and beer tents.

On our site you can find all sorts of information from who Sir John Gell was, to the different roles you can re-enact in the regiment. You can also view our gallery to see some action shots of the regiment on and off the battle field.

What We Do:

Sir John Gells Regiment re-enact historical battles from the english civil wars within the Sealed Knot. The Sealed Knot is a charity based organisation which stages battle re-enactment throughout the country.

Why We Do It?

It’s an educational hobby that enables us to meet fellow re-enactors from all over the country and visit some fantastic venues. This allows us to form friendships and participate in something we are all so passionate about…plus it’s really good fun!

Join Us?

Come and join Sir John Gells Regiment of Foote, we are a family orientated group having members of all ages from all over the country and with a wide variety of professions.  We try to be as authentic as possible when taking part on the battlefield or living history camp, but in the evenings we like to let our hair down and socialise! Just click on become a member above for more information.